The Milagro Market Tote / Junes x Eradura


Erika Duran, an El Paso native and artist behind Eradura, has partnered with Junes to create a limited edition print of The Milagro. In Spanish, the word Milagro means miracle or surprise. These folk charms were traditionally used for healing purposes and votive offerings – We see them as good-luck charms. Erika has hand-designed Milagro charms that we then printed in gold on our Bio-Knit Market Tote. 

"Tiny invocations shimmer like a shot in the dark -- these desert inspired icons live as symbols of hope and luck for their possessors. Milagros have a deep-rooted history as folk charms tying devotion to ritual, but their true magic lies in the universal simplicity of their purpose: we are all waiting for our miracle."
– Erika Duran

About Bio-Knit
Meet our new signature, biodegradable fabric, Bio-Knit, a slightly stiff and durable fabric, that softens with use and in our most popular color, Ivory, in a matte finish.

Unlike most microfibers, our CiCLO polyester mesh begins to biodegrade within just sixty days in a landfill, sea water, or water treatment facility. And it will completely decompose within three to five years, just like cotton. All yarn and fabric is made in the US to reduce our supply chain distance and carbon footprint. Lastly, we never use formaldehyde or toxic dyes.

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