Hombre Tote


The only man you need to carry your stuff

Hombre is shorter-handled version of the Everyday Tote. Modelled off the same shape as a plastic bag, except... y'know, Mother Earth-friendly. It'll carry so much stuff (up to 40lb *swoon*) and it's also got a handy pocket inside for little things.

Keep it on hand (folded up nice and small) to whip out when it's time to fill up with organic farmers market finds and artisan baguettes (ooh la la). Also surprisingly perfect to fill up with, well, anything else you damn want.

It's made from our newly developed signature, biodegradable fabric, Bio-Knit. It's great because it's made from recycled plastic bottles, it's but it's *even better* because it begins to biodegrade in just 60 days.

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