What does @lalalivia have in her Junes

What does @lalalivia have in her Junes

We asked lifestyle blogger Alivia aka @lalalivia  to share with us how she uses her Junes in everyday life and a little insight on her life. Junes can be used as a grocery bag, yoga bag, school bag, errand bag, you name it! Let's find out how Alivia chooses to use her Junes, what her sundays typically look like and how she is choosing to be more environmentally friendly.



Q: What's in your Junes?

A: wallet, spare tote for groceries, kosas lip balm, glossier vinylic lip, scrunchie, tampons, gum, stojo, byhumankind deodorant, moon juice sachets, rainbo 11:11 tincture, reusable cutlery, headphones, journal.



Q: What are you doing to live a more sustainable or zero-waste lifestyle?

A: I feel like one of the easiest ways to reduce the negative impacts our lifestyles have on mother earth, is to change how we eat. With this focus in mind, my home has transitioned to plant based, and when possible, local. How I shop has changed a lot over the years too! I now bring my own bags to carry groceries out, use canvas and mesh produce bags, and bring my own jars to load up on oils, vinegars, nut butters, spices, grains, and seeds from the bulk section. When the seasons permit I shop for all produce at the local farmers market. I find the small, intentional steps are the easiest to maintain :)



Q: What are some favorite Sunday activities of yours?

A: Morning matcha with my husband, a long dog walk, grocery shopping while listening to a good podcast, spending the afternoon in the kitchen recipe testing, a yin yoga class and a slow dinner.



Q: Environment Issues can be stressful, and so can our daily life // How do you manage stress, relax, or work to combat anxiety. 

A: As far as daily stress management, I take big sun from mount sunny, and super you from moon juice, both which help with my moods and energy! Getting my endorphins going via a yoga class or a long walk outside always does my body good, bonus points if I go with a friend! Meditating is something I’ve turned to for the past eight years which is always helpful when i need to be re-centered. When things feel too heavy I tend to put my phone down and just focus my energy on spending time with my husband, family, or friends.



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