Our Impact

Our reusable mesh bags are designed to leave the world better than they found it.

Do net good
No new plastics. Only new ideas.

The future in textiles requires cleaning up past damage. We can work on both, simultaneously.

No new plastics +

We start with the trash that has been and is still being made, using recycled plastic bottles as the base of our signature Bio-Knit fabric.

No new pollution +

Love it for life +

Keep it in the loop +

Returns to nature +

Since day one, we have worked to source materials, manufacturers, and processes that would reduce our carbon footprint and help close the loop on plastic pollution in our landfills and waterways. Through creation, sale, and lifespan, our bags help lift women out of violence and poverty, then return to nature - having done substantially more good than harm

A strong bag designed to support

Strong Women

Our female-owned business in El Paso, TX works with an all-female sewing co-op in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico to provide a sustainable income for women along our shared border.  In addition, a portion of every Junes purchase is donated to help empower and protect women from brutality through the Global Fund for Women.

Carry a Junes, and you’re helping carry women out of poverty and violence.
Recycling Program

Our #TradeUpJunes program shreds, melts, and recycles old reusable bags into new yarn, which can then be used to start the cycle all over again. Send us yours and we’ll send you 20% off.

Our goal is to trap all plastics in a loop of usefulness, eliminating the need to produce new plastics while providing a sustainable plan for those that are already here.

Meet Bio-Knit

Our signature Bio-Knit mesh is equal parts strong and sustainable – made to last, but not forever.

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Our big 'why'

Hear more about what led us to create a company founded on the commitment to women and the planet.

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Find your Junes

We created a bunch of functional styles so you can stash them anywhere and use them for anything.

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