Our Fabric

Sometimes helping the earth means joining it

We believe in fabrics that won’t pollute landfills and waterways for decades to come. Our new Bio-Knit mesh combines recycled plastic fibers with a revolutionary new technology to create a bag that is equal parts strong and sustainable – made to last, but not forever.

How it works

Our mesh uses thread infused with an additive called CiCLO®. This ingredient allows naturally occurring microbes in landfills and seawater to consume the fibers, just like they would cotton, wool, or rayon. 

Even stronger

Doing better by the planet made us more durable. You may notice that Bio-Knit fabric feels a little different - it will soften up over time and washes, without losing tenacity. And since we add the CiCLO® technology to our recycled bottle polyester during the meltdown process, it becomes embedded and never washes away.

Together, with the help of CiCLO® technology, we can begin to solve how products impact our planet and close the loop on plastic pollution. For a more in-depth look behind the science, please read more on our blog.

Sustainable practices and partners

Whether it’s sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, or shipping, we make intentional choices to do what’s best for both humans and nature. That mission took us on a two-year search to find the right partners, materials, and process to create Bio-Knit. Today, all June’s yarn and fabric is made in the US to reduce our supply chain distance and our carbon footprint.

Chemistry +

Chemistry used to make CiCLO® fibers is ECO PASSPORT by OEKOTEX® certified.

Close the loop on plastic pollution

“Nothing should be created by humans that cannot be degraded by nature.”

⏤ Anna Brismar, Green Strategy