August, a perfect time to reset intentions.

August, a perfect time to reset intentions.

Every year, we see January as an opportunity to turn a new leaf and strive to reach new goals. It’s the time of year where people compile a list of resolutions they want to tackle or how they wish to improve. It’s universally become the door to hope.

 Some might argue that you have that same opportunity in August, that the feeling of “brand new” doesn’t only happen at the beginning of the year but bi-annually. While goals may vary from month to month, we’ve programmed ourselves to believe that August is an opportunity to reset intentions; most likely stemming from our “back-to-school” days. At Junes, we like to call it a “check yourself before you wreck yourself” type of month, allowing you to re-analyze who you are and who you want to be.

The Junes team is taking this time of the year to reset our intentions and continue to strive to be a business that puts the planet and the people living in it first while also having honest conversations about our sustainability journey. It is no surprise that through Junes, we are hopeful we can inspire conversations and ideas on how to make better eco-conscious decisions daily. This month contains, according to Forbes, the third-largest spike in annual sales for retailers for back-to-school season, which is why we all must take accountability for the intention behind every purchase we make. Asking yourself three critical questions: 

• Do I need it?

• Can I use it in multiple ways? 

• What is the domino effect by purchase?

Shopping doesn’t have to be mundane, but it does mean as a consumer, you have a responsibility of owning the journey and life-span of that object. So, let’s talk about how we’re bringing these three essential questions into play when creating our totes. 

Our Product
An easy way to adopt a sustainable habit is by swapping your average plastic bag for a reusable bag. Often, it’s the first step taken when wanting to become more sustainable. It’s simple and great for the planet! While we didn't invent the reusable bag, we saw an opportunity to create a breathable mesh bag that would allow versatility in its usage and take into consideration the after-life of that bag and its impact on Earth. The material of our totes is what sets us apart from the rest of the market. Our Bio-Knit mesh uses thread infused with an additive called CiCLO®. This ingredient allows naturally occurring microbes in landfills and seawater to consume the fibers, just like they would cotton, wool, or rayon. In every step of creating our totes (whether it’s sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, or shipping), we’ve made sure to make intentional choices and do what’s best for both humans and nature. It took us two years to formulate the perfect product to get in your hands, but worth every prototype! 

The Versatility 

All our totes are timeless pieces that focus on the simplicity of getting a job done, carrying your goods ethically and in style! We’ve been amazed by the community we’ve created that has shown us the many ways they use their Junes daily. We carry 6 different styles of totes as well as 9 different colors plus prints. 

Among our team's favorites is our Market Tote and our Carry-Alls for multiple reasons.
 Our Market Tote is an office favorite, we see it being used as a purse, diaper bag, book bag, and our shipping bag in the warehouse. It’s a modernized tote with an eco-friendly twist! 
Our Carry-Alls are among one of the most versatile items we’ve designed since it comes in a pack of three. When designing them, we wanted to be sure that they’d be a bag that could be used in an infinite amount of ways, for different amounts of reasons and seasons. From picking your produce at your local Farmer’s Market to carrying your makeup in your purse. Our customers have even used it in more ways than we thought possible, such as wedding favors and lunch bags. 

Shop our favorites: Market Tote and Carry-Alls

Our Mission
When Junes began, it was always about creating a product that was useful without creating more unnecessary waste. It was a vital part of the product development that our totes could transition from your everyday bag to a grocery bag and allow the bag to be one with the planet once it was time to retire. As we grew, it became clear that we could do more than just that and are committed to helping women flourish through donating portions of our sales to the Global Fund for Women as well as working with an all-women co-op in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. We want our community to feel invested and proud to contribute to the well-being of women and mother earth. 

This August has allowed our team to reset our intentions and bring more innovation and beauty to the sustainability community. We hope that through our transparency, we inspire actions that will have positive reactions to this friendly world. Cheers to resetting intentions and becoming a better version of ourselves!

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