Common Sense Mother's

Common Sense Mother's

In many ways, sustainability can be seen as a common sense motive. My mother figures always maintained the essential elements of common sense sustainability through their everyday lives, which I've tried to carry with me through my own life, whenever possible. I grew up with a bowl next to our sink to gather food scraps for our compost in the backyard. I remember squealing while playing with the worms in a can to create a nutrient rich compost. When I was very little, I remember running around our yard amongst chickens.

Illustrated by Lisa Hennessey


My grandmother and mother were both gardeners who raised herbs and a select few vegetables. They had wholeheartedly embraced the sustainability movement in the 70's and 80's taking pride in reusing when possible, recycling consistently, and always concerned about their impact on the Earth. They would even hang clothes outside to dry to avoid using electricity, just like my Great Grandma Allen did, when they lived on a dairy farm in East Texas. A common sense necessity that can be applied in our everyday modern day lives.


My Great Great Grandma, known as Big Mama with my Uncle Joe and Great Grandma Allen in the background after hanging up some clothes to dry, circa 1947.


My Grandma, known as Ma and my Mom to her right, circa 1974.


Thank you Mom, Ma and all the other mom's in the world for being a role model of integrity and empathy for our Mother Earth. Happy Mother's Day.



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