4 sustainability tips to help the planet year round

4 sustainability tips to help the planet year round



Here are some everyday tips to help the planet year round. Happy Earth Day!

Illustrated by Lisa Hennessey @fernweh.land


Sustainability tip no.1

Collecting rainwater

Collecting rainwater for non potable use such as watering plants and other outdoor applications.

As we approach growing season, as much as 40% of our household tap water goes towards watering our plants and other outdoor applications.

A simple rain barrel system to collect outdoor (non potable) water, for outdoor use only, can save thousands of gallons of tap water annually, as well as save you some money on utilities!

(Stats from Whole Home News)


illustration of girl in winter coat

Sustainability tip no.2

Mind your thermostat

Heating and cooling accounts for 48% of our home energy consumption.

By turning your thermostat back 7°-10° from their normal settings (ideally 68° in winter & 78° in summer) 8 hrs per day, you can reach up to 10% in energy savings annually .

By giving your thermostat a break & self-regulating your body temp with an extra layer or turning on a fan, you can make major cuts in your energy consumption.

(Stats from energy.gov & directenergy.com)

Illustration of laptop unplugged 

Sustainability tip no.3

Unplug your devices

Have you heard of “phantom” or “vampire” energy?

“Energy vampires are appliances or other plugged-in devices that draw energy, or phantom loads, when they are plugged in but not in use…[this] also include products that require standby power to run clocks such as coffee makers or cable boxes.” - Energy.gov

So at the end of the day as when you unplug make sure to unplug your house as well.


sustainability illustration time shower



Sustainability tip no.4

Reduce your water footprint

The average shower uses 5 gallons per minute, not to mention the energy that goes into bringing that water to your bathroom before it ever hits your skin; treatment, delivery, heating.

By cutting down your shower time you can drastically reduce your water footprint. Here are a couple tips to help!

  • Play a song or set a shower timer, ideally five minutes or less.
  • Install a low-flow shower head, this can cut the water flow in half by only using 2.5 gallons per minute.
  • Turn the water off as you shampoo or shave.

(Stats from foodprint.org)


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