How to celebrate Earth Day from home

How to celebrate Earth Day from home

Earth Day, our favorite day of the year! Being stuck at home doesn't mean holidays and special days are cancelled, it means we gotta get a little creative and what day to better celebrate at home than Earth Day!

This year we wanted to give you all a few ways you can celebrate this day from home and make the most of it! 


01. - Make a simple and Earth Day friendly facemask

We wanted to make this quick, easy + accessible to everybody so we'll be using pretty common ingredients, we also want you to stay safe and keep you from heading to the store to make any of these masks. Depending which you choose on making (or if you choose to make em all at some point), you'll need the following:

  • honey - contains antibacterial properties to help fight against acne and clear pores of dirt
  • nutmeg - super moisturizing and exfoliating 
  • lemon juice - also contains antibacterial properties and is a natural exfoliator 
  • yogurt - helps to dissolve dead skin cells + provide moisture
  • cinnamon - supports blood flow to the skin


Here we used honey + cinnamon for some added clarity and blackhead removal!


02. - Plant something. Whether it be herbs, veggies or some good 'ol flowers, get out there and start your own little garden!

Find an old pot or patch in your backyard, get those seeds down and start watering them as instructed. Earth Day is the perfect day to start and track your progress. Then the following year you can see how much you and your plant have grown.


03. -  Making your home a little more eco-friendly

There are many ways that you can make your home more eco-friendly every day and especially on Earth Day!

  • Open up your blinds and windows to let as much natural light in before turning to the light switch
  • Go around and unplug things not being used. You can also make the switch to a power strip for the convenience of "unplugging" everything at once
  • Close vents in rooms that aren't being used. This will help keep airflow to the rooms of your house that you want air in
  • Time your showers, on average people shower for 8 minutes using about 17 gallons of water!
  • Replace your light bulbs with LED or CFL lighting instead of incandescent lighting. These are proven to last longer and reduces the need to purchase light bulbs more frequently
  • Try to be more sustainable in your grocery shopping habits - buy in bulk, choose better packaging i.e. glass and shop with your local farms and ditch the plastic packaging

We hope you can use these ideas to make your Earth Day a little more fun and impactful. Share with us what you're doing this Earth Day with #JunesFamilia. 

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  • Jacqueline Tyszka

    Love these ideas! I work for a utilities company and promote sustainable living through marketing efforts and promo items from my company.

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