Announcing Our New Look & Recycling Program

Announcing Our New Look & Recycling Program

We have an exciting announcement! We are launching our new look and feel with a newly designed website. We are rebranding Junes to be more in touch with our southwest desert roots, and the values that we holdfast to. We are strong, simple, and helpful - and that's the experience we want our supporters to gain from Junes.

The vibrant and bold colors exemplify the bold women who inspire us daily - like the women of El Paso who carried our founder through childhood, these totes were created to help carry other women out of poverty and violence.

In 2016, Janean Mann partnered with an all female sewing co-op in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico to offer sustainable income to the mothers there. And now, for every bag sold, a donation is also made to stop violence against women in Mexico and beyond.

And that's our story. Founded by a woman. Employing women. Combating violence against women. So whenever you by a Junes tote, you're not only doing your part to help slow down climate change, but you're supporting those women too.

We are really excited to share this with you and hope that you love it as much as we do.

We also are thrilled to announce the Recycle Your Reusable Bag program. We want to do more, so we’re launching a new recycling program for your old, ugly, or worn reusable bags. Just mail us those bags, and our partners in El Paso, TX will shred, melt & recycle them into new yarn. And if you include your email address, we'll send you a 20% coupon for a Junes bag.

We can recycle the following fabrics: Polyester, nylon, cotton & canvas.

Mailing address:
Junes / Recycle
218 Maricopa Dr
El Paso, TX 79912

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