Love Letters to Mom

Love Letters to Mom

This year we asked our #JunesFamilia to share with us some of their favorite things about their moms. It warmed our hearts and we know it'll warm yours too!


Junes Familia Momma's


Dear @jess__landis,

This love letter was made from me to you. I want you to know no matter what chaos and distractions are amongst us in this world, your strength and bright soul never goes unnoticed. Your life speaks a thousand words, your acts of kindness touch me in endless ways, your presence brings fullness to my life and you inspire me to be the woman you are, a Mom.




"Amala, thank you so much for everything you have been doing for us. I love you so much; writing this as I wish to be no where but with you. Happy Mother's Day!"- @tenzinwoesel


"She's the most resilient, get-in-your face because she wants to know you kind of person. Someone who is an advocate and strives to help you fix any problem. And I'm glad to call her my mother."    - @sydneywilliams


Mother's handwriting  @kolby_dunn


Thank you to all the mamas for the sacrifices you make, lives big and small you touch and for always paving the way for future generations to come. We appreciate you and to celebrate you we're offering 20% off sitewide + $10 facemask with a purchase of 2 Junes.



We hope you find ways to make Mother's Day extra special this year. Make a favorite recipe together or find a new one, put together a pretty bouquets or simply spend some quality time doing something you both love! 


H A P P Y   M O T H E R S   D A Y   F R O M   J U N E S   <3

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