Meet Our French Floral Print

Meet Our French Floral Print
The talented Abigail Siegel made our Floral dreams come true with this new French Floral. Below is how the process came out.

Janean: I met Abigail at an outdoor show in Palm Springs; our tables were right next to each other. I loved her watercolor cards and she gave me one as I left. I've always wanted to collaborate with artists and thought that I'd hope to work with her one day. I reached out a year later (March 2020), dreaming of a floral print on a Junes. Luckily, Abigail was very excited to work on a design together.

Abigail: We were inspired by a vintage red floral image Janean had been saving.  I loved the movement of the print and the quirkiness of the flowers so I created something new with a similar feeling. 
Abigail: I was inspired by the shapes of vintage botanicals and the fresh hues from the Junes color card.  Every print I create starts with a drawing on paper, and then it is transformed in the computer and prepared for printing. 
Janean: I was so impressed by her drawings and how quickly she came up with them. The design is even better than I imagined. She is a truly talented artist. I love the black and white drawing so much, I'm going to have a print made and hung in the office.

We were SO thrilled to see the final product come to life. Many thanks to Abigail for making our dream Floral print come true.

Check out Abigail and more of her work on Instagram and shop the French Floral Market Tote.

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