The beginning of Junes

The beginning of Junes

Just like the ethos of our signature mesh bags, the origin story of Junes is simple but impactful.


Vintage mesh fabrics and the harrowing fliers of the missing women of Ciudad Juarez became the catalyzing elements of a new kind of reusable bag, one that could impact the mindset of people before they even step out their door. 


In 2014 our founder Janean Mann walked over a bridge to Ciudad Juárez, Mexico from her hometown of El Paso, TX, on the recommendation of a friend to check out a fabric store for some vintage fabrics. Upon arrival at this hidden gem, Janean recounts that the moment she saw the material she had the first real light bulb moment of her life.




As if these bolts of vibrantly patterned mesh fabric had been laying dormant for years awaiting just the designer to make this proverbial blank canvas of material into something impactful. There was a void in the market for the combination of functionality and beauty when it came to enticing people to opt for reusable bags at the supermarket checkout line.


With her new treasure in hand, Janean set out to cross the bridge back to El Paso and was struck by the sight of dozens of fliers of missing women of Ciudad Juárez. Another lightbulb, but unlike the last one, this one occurred in the heart - she knew that somehow her idea needed to help the women of Juárez and then Junes was born.


Photo taken in Marfa, TX by John Frank Freeman / @johnfrankfreeman





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