Junes, the year-round gift

Junes, the year-round gift

In the blink of an eye, the year has flown by and we’re nearing the end. The holiday season is upon us which means that the season for gifting has landed. It’s during this time of year that everyone begins window e-shopping and creating a wish list for their loved ones or let’s be honest, themselves.

At Junes, we take holidays seriously but with that in mind, we remain focused on our core mission which is avoiding mass production in hope of creating less waste on our planet. As an e-commerce brand, we want nothing more than to be on the top of everyone’s holiday shopping list this year. We’re passionate about simplicity and strive for utility. Here are 5 reasons why Junes make the perfect gift for anyone in your life.

1. We are conscious of overproduction.

We create as we sell. 
Sure, that might not seem like a big deal but our planet is getting hotter (and not in a good way.) Companies have a real responsibility to educate their consumers on the impact and cycle of each purchase made. What is it made from? Is it helping the planet? What is its afterlife? We truly hold ourselves accountable and responsible for every purchase made from our shop. That includes limiting our lineup of products, styles, and colors. Have you ever heard of less is more? That’s us. We’re here to create a simple, chic, and functional product that is made with an innovative additive named CiCLO that is intended to help reduce waste on Earth.

2. We believe women can.

Woman-Owed. Women-Operated. Women-Supporting, that includes Mother Earth. 
Junes believes in making an impact through its product. We’re a proud all-woman team from our founder to our production manager and every role in between. Along with the women that provide vision to the brand, we work with an all-women cooperative in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico. The ladies at the co-op support our production lineup and Junes supports them by helping them with a safe work environment and a sustainable living wage. For every purchase made, Junes donates a portion to the Global Fund for Women. We’ve invested research time in creating an innovative textile made from recycled plastic bottles. We’re here to make the planet a better place!

Marta from the Co-op sewing some Carry-All's

3. We’re the gift that keeps on giving.

Your purchase helps women around the world.
 We’ve always believed that the feeling of giving, beats out the feeling of receiving. Imagine doubling that feeling? You can when you purchase a Junes tote. With every purchase, we proudly donate a portion to the Global Fund for Women. We’re invested in providing opportunities for women throughout the world.

4. We’re functional and year-round.

Who doesn’t want a tote that can go from farmers market bag to purse? 
A jacket can be a good gift but is it seasonal. Boots? The same. But a Junes tote...that’s a year-round gift! The holiday season should be about giving something that can be used and loved, no matter the weather. Junes provides totes in various styles and colors, you’re bound to find one that fits your needs. Take it with you to the farmers market, to the laundromat, on the walk with your dog. Oh, and after, for the weekend getaway you’ve planned with friends.

5. We’re a small business.

We’re passionate about creating meaningful jobs for our team.
 We’re proud to be part of the 30.7 million small businesses in America. In the past 10 years, we’ve tripped, learned, re-learned, and have grown with the help of hundreds of customers across the world who believe in what we’re doing and why. We’re lucky to feel supported by so many individuals that care about consumer impact. We hope that this year, while you’re shopping, you consider supporting a small business. 

If that didn’t convince you, we’re here to tell you we’ll be having our weekend holiday sales. 

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