Environmental + Social Impact

Over its lifetime, one Junes bag will save you over 700 plastic bags. It's no secret that destruction of habitat, ocean toxicity, fossil fuel emissions and soil pollution have all been linked to single-use plastic bags. Not to mention the fact they don't degrade organically and end up in landfills. With Junes, doing your part to help our delicate environment is super easy. At Junes, our objective is to provide a versatile, affordable, high quality, and chic alternative to plastic bags—and do our part to slow down climate change.

Junes is also committed to stopping, preventing, and protecting women from femicide, especially in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico the neighboring border city to El Paso, Texas. On Janean's visit to Ciudad Juárez, she was overwhelmed by the multitude of fliers depicting missing young women in a city plagued for years by human and narco trafficking. She decided then and there that a portion of proceeds from Junes will go towards The Global Fund for Women which supports various organizations in Mexico that prevent violence against women.

To further empower women and support fair wage labor, the bags are all made in the USA or sewn by an independent women’s sewing cooperative in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.

 Poster of missing woman in Ciudad Jaurez, Mexico
On Janean's visit to Juarez, she was struck by all the fliers of missing young women. She decided that Junes was to be committed to help stop, prevent and protect women from the violence and Femicide that has been troubling the region for decades. For each bag you purchase, a small percentage of the purchase price will be given to the Global Fund for Women which supports various organizations in Mexico and Juarez that help prevent Femicide and protect women against violence.


Below are a selection of articles for more information and history of the violence against women in Jaurez. 

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A beautiful and touching documentary by Mark Mclouglin about the artist, Brian Mcquire, painting portraits of some of the victims from Juarez. Read an in-depth article about the documentary in The Guardian.

Blood Rising Promo from Mark McLoughlin on Vimeo.