Independent women's sewing cooperative in Ciudad Juárez, MX.

Ladies at Centro Santa Catalina

This past spring, Junes is very excited to be partnered with an independent women's sewing cooperative, Centro Santa Catalina, in Ciudad Juárez to sew 50% of their production load. 

Started by the Dominican Sisters in 1996, Centro Santa Catalina is a safe haven for the spiritual, educational and economic empowerment of economically poor women and for the welfare of their families. It is  located in the southern part of Jaurez, right by the now covered up prominent city dump.


On Janean's visit to Juárez, she was struck by all the fliers of missing young women. She decided that Junes was to be committed to help stop, prevent and protect women from the violence and Femicide that has been troubling the region for decades. For each bag you purchase, a small percentage of the purchase price will be given to the Global Fund for Women which supports various organizations in Mexico and Juarez that protect and prevent Femicide and violence against women.

Please read more about our story and Femicide.


Global Fund for Women
The Global Fund for Women is a publicly supported, nonprofit grant making foundation that advances women's human rights by funding women-led organizations worldwide. We provide general operating support grants to organizations working at the local, regional and national levels to enable women and girls to reach their potential and live free of discrimination and violence.